• What length of Rescue-ladder should I choose for the Rescue post?

    The distance between the dock/bridge and waterline determines the choice of length. 3,5m ladder works for heights up to 1,8m. If dock is higher the 4.5m ladder is required.
  • Are screw/bolt for mounting included?

    Mounting screw is only included to our Livhanken ladders which are mounted on floating jettys. We have chosen not to include mounting screw in other products as the are mounted on varying types of ground.
  • How close should the equipment be placed?

    On beaches, the equipment should be placed at most 100m apart. In urban areas and in ports, the equipment should be placed on land at a maximum of 200m intervals, should be reduced to 100m in areas where many people are staying. Fixed ladders are placed at maximum 50m intervals, should be reduced to 25m intervals in areas that tend to be crowded.
  • What coordinated should I enter on the Location sign?

    SWEREF99TM are the coordinates that apply nationally for alarm signs in Sweden.
  • How often does the Lifebuoy / Throwing line need to be replaced?

    Lifebuoys should be checked regularly for damage, the same applies to the throwing line. However, Trygg-Hansa recommends that lifebuoys that are ten years or older to be replaced, the recommendation for the cast lines is five years. Both lifebuoys and cast lines are marked with year of manufacture.
  • Delivery time for lifebuoys? How long is the delivery time dependent on the "low / high season"?

    During the peak season April-August, there is high pressure in the factory and the delivery time on lifebuoys with unique print is 4-5 weeks. Other times of the year the delivery time is 2-3 weeks. We usually have Trygg-Hansa lifebuoys without unique print for immediate delivery.
  • What is the difference between a Rescue Post for beach and dock?

    The difference is that the ladders included in the Rescue Post for dock are equipped with removable distances which help in keeping the ladder out from the dock / bridge when climbing.
  • Are there any laws / regulations that say where I as a plant owner is obliged to place life-saving equipment?

    The LSO (Swedish “Act on the Protection against Accidents”) regulates the extent to which a plant owner should keep with life-saving equipment. Read more about this under the heading "Law requirements" here on the website.
  • Is it ok to remove the equipment during winter?

    The life-saving equipment has a just as important a function during the winter as during the summer months and should therefore be available throughout the year.
  • Do you offer mounting of the equipment on site?

    For now we offer mounting on site in Sweden, you are welcome with your inquiry.
  • Which criteria apply for me to be given the lifebuoy?

    Trygg-Hansa donates lifebuoys to all public waterside environments in Sweden that are available to the public.
  • When choosing own/unique print on lifebuoys, what is the cost?

    A starting cost of 120SEK and 60SEK /succeeding lifebuoy is added when choosing a unique print. Ex. When ordering 10pcs lifebuoys with unique print (120 + 10x60 = 720 SEK + VAT)