Comprehensive lifesaving is our goal

We want to provide the best possible conditions for saving lives. Therefore, we believe in a comprehensive solution where we can help you with more than just the products.

We offer demos, on-site training, assembly, support and inventory services.


The correct installation of the life-saving equipment is important to ensure its functioning at each unique location.

Do as many satisfied customers have already done, let us help you all the way.

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As important as the life-saving equipment itself, is the knowledge of being able to handle the various tools in an emergency. That is why we offer training in just that.
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We are happy to come to you for a demonstration of our range on site. This gives you an opportunity to closely examine the design and different functions of the products.
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Risk analysis

We are happy to be part of your action plan! On site we can help with a risk and current analysis of your outdoor environments. We are happy to provide tips and advice regarding your targeted work towards safer aquatic environments.

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Inventory service

This service simplifies your inventory of lifesaving products, and provides a clear overview of the equipment's condition and location.
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